Radiotherapy and Radiotherapy Physics Pre-Treatment Localisation Service User Feedback Form

To aid with the review and maintenance of the pre-treatment localisation service, we ask for you as a service user to please complete the questions within this form (detailing in the comments specific areas as required) to aid in the appraisal of our service.

Have the scans you have been provided with for radiotherapy planning over the last 12 months been appropriate? (Please consider scan length, patient preparation, marker positioning and contrast effectiveness.)(Required)
Have the patients been immobilised to a suitable standard / in a suitable position for radiotherapy planning taking into account the patient's capabilities / mobility?(Required)
Have you found communication and interactions with pre-treatment staff effective?(Required)
As the service user do you feel the localisation service meets your needs?(Required)
Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to tell us that has not already been covered.
Contact details are completely optional and, if provided, are used only to inform you of the outcome.